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Summer lunch

Who feeds our children during the summer? The May 29 Rural Minnesota Radio program talks about just this question. The Center is releasing a mini-research piece this week on what children in the free and reduced-price lunch program do for meals during the summer. The infographic shows another example of issues rural and metro counties have in common and the barriers in rural counties that make it difficult to make this program work.

Who feeds our children during the summer?

Overview of 2012 Rural Minnesota Journal

For those who may have missed it, we’re releasing an overview of last year’s Rural Minnesota Journal. The 12-pager contains summaries of all the excellent articles in this online publication discussing how who lives in Minnesota is transitioning from one generation to the next. Articles cover subjects such as rural leadership, how the volunteer pool is changing, where retiring Baby Boomers will live, and preparing the workforce for future jobs. Click here to view the overview at our web site, ruralmn.org.


Welcome to the Ruralmn.org blog site. This is the new site for posting our radio spot, Rural Minnesota Radio. We’ll also put news here and anything else we can think of. Check back from time to time to see what’s up.