Monthly Archives: July 2016

Issues and hot topics at Farm Fest 2016

One of the highlights of Farm Fest every year is its educational panels, featuring everyone from scientists and government officials to candidates running for office talking about the big topics in agriculture. This week, the man who organizes those panels, Kent Thiesse, joins us to give us a preview of who will be there and what they’ll be talking about. Farm Fest takes place Aug. 2-4 at the Gilfillan Estate near Redwood Falls.

Farm Fest 2016

GMO labeling: Where are we at? Part 2

Dave Ladd of RDL Associates joins us again this week for more discussion on the new federal GMO labeling legislation that is expected to be signed into law in Washington at the end of the month. The House and the Senate managed to hammer out a bill that didn’t make everyone happy, but it was enough of a compromise to get passed. The work now will be implementing the law over the next two years.

GMO labeling: Where are we at? Part 2


Higher education in Greater Minnesota, part 2

Dr. Richard Davenport, president of Minnesota State University Mankato, joins us again to talk about the role of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system in Greater Minnesota. He discusses how the system addresses retention of talent by taking the education to where the students are and designing programs to help students get through in a timely fashion that gets them to work and saves them money.

Higher education, part 2