Monthly Archives: March 2015

Strengthening rural Minnesota part 2

The Blandin Foundation has spent its history  (and its funds) strengthening rural Minnesota, particularly in the area of leadership. This week we continue our conversation with Wade Fauth, vice president at Blandin and a CRPD board member, talking about leadership and how important it is to help rural people lead productive, civil conversations with each other and make good decisions about the future of their communities.

The Blandin Foundation: Strengthening rural Minnesota, part 2

Higher education in Greater Minnesota, continued

A continuation of our conversation from last week with Dr. Richard Davenport, president of Minnesota State University Mankato and member of the Center’s board. These days, there are still first-generation college students, but today they come from immigrant families. Greater Minnesota is also becoming a safe haven and destination for international students, giving the state’s colleges and universities a new stroke of cultural diversity.

Higher education for Greater Minnesota, part 2