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The impact of nonprofits in Greater MN

This week on RuralMN Radio, Jim is joined by Emily Steinmetz, the central MN regional coordinator for the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and Michelle Kylie, of the Initiative Foundation in Little Falls, to talk about the impact of nonprofits in rural areas.

Nonprofits exist in just about every town in Greater Minnesota to help people locally, showing that there will always be people willing to rise up and help their communities, says Steinmetz.

The impact of nonprofits in Greater MN

Ron Zeigler: services for small communities, pt 1

Ron Zeigler is president of CEDA, Community and Economic Development Associates, and he joins us this week on RuralMN Radio. CEDA provides staffing solutions to small communities in SE Minnesota, NE Iowa and SW Wisconsin, especially in the areas of economic development. For small communities, hiring a full-time economic developer might not be practical or affordable, but CEDA, says Zeigler, gives these small communities a swing at the plate.

Ron Zeigler and CEDA, part 1