Monthly Archives: May 2014

What does it mean when legislators retire?

Fourteen members of the Minnesota House of Representatives announced that they would be retiring from the legislature after this year’s session, and political wonks are watching carefully. This changing of the guard can have a lot of impact on the balance of power, not just between parties, but geographically, too. Jim and Marnie discuss this on this week’s Rural MN Radio.

Retirements at the House

What could be done with some broadband funding from the state?

For the first time in years, the Minnesota Legislature included some funding for broadband infrastructure in the bonding bill. Jim and Marnie talk with Ann Treacy, the author of the Blandin Foundation’s “Blandin on broadband” blog to discuss some of the finer points of what some funding from the state could be used for and would do for rural communities.

State broadband funding

The 2014 legislative session is winding down to a close, and two of this year’s big topics will occupy the last few days. Center CEO Brad Finstad talks with Jim about the chances for the bonding bill and for medical marijuana.

Legislative update

Exchange of ideas and solutions

On Rural MN Radio this week, Jim and Marnie talk with Amy Jo Lennartson, regional coordinator for the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits at the Southern Minnesota Nonprofit Summit, discussing why it’s so important for nonprofit leaders and staff in Greater Minnesota to get together and share ideas.

Nonprofit summit