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Cheap as water

In the land of 10,000 lakes, is it possible that we can run out of water? Not likely, but our ability to access it seems to be changing. Last year, the dropping levels of White Bear Lake in suburban St. Paul made a great deal of news. The lake is a bellwether for the aquifers that lie below the Twin Cities. But communities in some parts of Greater Minnesota are starting to hear warnings about their water supplies, and other communities have been dealing with water issues for years. The Center’s next policy brief will be on the issue of groundwater and rural communities’ complex relationship with it. It’s necessary for everything. Without it, life would be a lot more difficult, and a rural economy would be all but impossible.

This week Marnie and Jim talk about aquifers, those giant underground sponges that hold water. Next week we’ll talk about our water infrastructure.

Cheap as water: Aquifers