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Housing and jobs: quality of life

This week on Rural MN Radio, we’re continuing our conversation on housing and jobs with Dawn Hegland, executive director of the Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commission. Attracting workers means paying attention to quality of life. Quality housing within an achievable price range is just one of those factors.

Housing and jobs, part 2

Housing and jobs: A dynamic duo

Housing and jobs go hand in hand. Without jobs, there’s no one to buy houses, and without housing, there’s no place for workers to live. This week on Rural MN Radio, we talk with Dawn Hegland, CRPD board member and executive director of the Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commission, about the importance of good housing stock for attracting employees. First of two parts.

Housing and jobs, part 1

Providing for our seniors, part 2

We continue our conversation on senior services in Greater Minnesota this week, talking about who takes care of our older friends and relatives. Rural communities are less likely to have assisted living and in-home services, and so friends and family help out. Health care providers are also facing a serious shortage of health care workers and leaders are looking at ways to address the problem.

Providing for our seniors, part 2