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Research has shaped Minnesota’s landscape, still is

Since Minnesota’s start as a state, the landscape has been shaped by research, especially in Greater Minnesota. The first great tides were in agriculture, while today it is renewable energy. The future may be shaped by ag bioscience. Jim and Marnie discuss the latest articles in the Rural Minnesota Journal on this transfer of technology, the role it has played and the role it is still playing in Minnesota.

Technology transfer

Property rights and power demand

This quarter’s issue of the Rural Minnesota Journal will be out next week with more articles looking at various aspects of who owns Minnesota. Jim and Marnie discuss how the first articles take a look at the CapX2020 power line project bringing electricity from the wind fields of western Minnesota and North and South Dakota across Minnesota to the Twin Cities and how various policies are shaping the way rural Minnesotans are affected by the project marching across their landscape.

Rural Minnesota Journal: CapX2020

Fergus Falls: telework capital, continued

This week on Rural MN Radio, we continued our talk with Harold Stanislawski on how the people of Fergus Falls named their town the “telework capital of Minnesota,” then set out to make it happen. Two of the biggest factors were finding the companies interested in hiring teleworkers, then making sure the workers had the right skill sets.

Forward Fergus Falls, Part 2

Fergus Falls: Telework capital

Six years ago, the city of Fergus Falls declared itself the Telework Capital of Minnesota. Then they set to work making it happen. This week on Rural MN Radio, Jim and Marnie talk with Harold Stanislawski, director of the Fergus Falls Economic Improvement Commission, in the first of a two-part conversation about how many stakeholders came together to make a vision a reality.

Forward Fergus Falls