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There’s the public sector, too

Last week on Rural MN Radio, Jim and Marnie talked about the impending shortage of manufacturing workers in Greater Minnesota. This week they talk about the same problem in the public sector. People holding specialized skills like accounting or engineering or school administration are retiring faster than they can be replaced.

Coming up short in the public sector


Recruiting from within

On Rural MN Radio this week, Jim and Marnie talk about a project going on in the Rural People Rural Policy network to recruit Native American and rural people to go to college to become doctors, nurses and pharmacists, then return to their hometowns to practice. Having a health care professional who understands the culture of his or her patients can be the key to good health care, especially in tribal lands, and Native Americans are extremely under-represented in medical schools.

Recruiting from within for health care

Rural Capital Network

This week on Rural MN Radio, Jim talks with John Monson, senior vice president for Investments in Rural America, at AgStar Financial, about their Rural Capital Network. The network is made up of three funds, supporting capital investments in businesses and facilities, including health care facilities, capital investments for immigrant farmers, and grants and scholarships.

AgStar’s Rural Capital Network