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School funding, ag land and the special session

Fred Nolan, executive director of the Minnesota Rural Education Association, joins us this week on RuralMN Radio to talk about a tax relief measure that has gotten caught up in the activity of the recent legislative session. The bill, which would provide tax relief for ag land when it comes to school facility bonding, was included in the tax bill and passed by both houses, but fell to a pocket veto. Now farmers and school districts are waiting to see what happens.

School funding, ag land and the special session

Giving in Greater Minnesota

Minnesota is home to many charitable foundations. The trouble is that most of them focus their giving in the metro area. Wade Fauth, vice president of the Blandin Foundation, joins us this week to give us the background on this Itasca County foundation, its founder, and why he was motivated to concentrate on Greater Minnesota.

Blandin: Giving in Greater MN, part 1

The impact of nonprofits in Greater MN

This week on RuralMN Radio, Jim is joined by Emily Steinmetz, the central MN regional coordinator for the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and Michelle Kylie, of the Initiative Foundation in Little Falls, to talk about the impact of nonprofits in rural areas.

Nonprofits exist in just about every town in Greater Minnesota to help people locally, showing that there will always be people willing to rise up and help their communities, says Steinmetz.

The impact of nonprofits in Greater MN