Community foundations, pt 2

Contributing to a community foundation doesn’t require a lot of time or commitment. This week on Rural MN Radio, Jim continues his conversation with Nancy Zallek of the Mankato Area Foundation, talking about the flexibility of community foundations, not only in where they give their money, but where they get it from, too. People don’t need to give a ton to make it add up for the community.

Community foundations, pt 2

Community foundations, part 1

Community foundations are becoming an increasingly important and creative way to give back to the community, and they’re popping up all across the state. This week Jim talks with Nancy Zallek of the Mankato Area Foundation about what these funding organizations do to better their communities.

Community foundations, part 1

Serving you better through collaboration

Providing better services at a lower cost: A new report from the Center for Rural Policy & Development looks at what works when four communities set to work to figure out how they could maintain or improve services to their residents in the face of higher costs and less outside funding. Marnie and Jim discuss what they did and how to find the report.

Best practices for collaboration